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  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 1
        originally aired on Verizon and UAN cable networks

     Doni Green, Manager of Aging Programs
     North Central Texas Area Agency on Aging

     Pam Brandon, CSA
     Family Caregiver Education and Support Program

     Donatelle Mascari, make-up artist

In this Grown Folk premiere, co-hosts tackle the all too common challenge of how to approach their elderly parents with an offer of assistance and support, when their parent's main concern is their own independence.  And Donatelle teases us with make-up tips and a promise of a series of segments on make-up tricks just for women 55+.
  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 2
        originally aired on Verizon and UAN cable networks

      Linda Robertson, Travel Agent
      Let's Go Travel

     Debbie Martin, Vocal Alchemist
      Free Your Voice Workshops

We grown women now have more leisure time.  Perhaps now we can get to those travel destinations we've dreamed about...even though we may have lost our travel partner.    Linda shares a few of her experiences as a women who often travels alone.  Then Debbie gives us a vocal lesson from her workshop intended to help find and free our inner voice.  And you won't believe how we soar!
  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 3
          originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks

        Cindy Manning, CPA
       Manning Podsednik CPAs, LLC

       Gordy VanSteenberg, Director
       Best Southwest Regional C.E.R.T. Program

       Don Dewberry, Director
       Best Southwest Regional C.E.R.T. Program

Addressing the issue of romantically combining lives when we each have pensions, property, perhaps investments...or not, Certified Public Accountant  Cindy visits to give us the first installment in our series "His Stuff Her Stuff".  Then Gordy and Don tell us about an exciting and important opportunity to volunteer for your city's first responders, police and fire department in the event of a disaster.
  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 4
        originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks      

      John Gault, Member, Citizens On Patrol
     Citizen Police Academy
     Contact:  Officer Cindy Mendez
     DeSoto, Texas Police Department

     Bette Epstein
     Palliative Caregiver, Hypnotherapist, Author

Recent unfortunate events in Florida prompt John to stop by and fill us in on the opportunity to volunteer for your local police department the right way.  Contact Officer Cindy Mendez for more information or call your local police department to learn about volunteer opportunities in your city.  Most U.S. police departments have some form of citizen police academy.  Next Bette glows as a caring, giving, nurturing human being who can do for those in transition what so many of us are too uncomfortable to do.
  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 5
        originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks      

     Barbara Tomasino
    Grown Folk "Person of the Week"

The Grown Folk women are proud to recognize a senior woman who lives her life to the fullest, filling her life with activities most of us have barely managed to just itemize on our bucket lists.  We tell you about Barbara, our first Grown Folk "Person of the Week".

Then the Grown Folk co-hosts pay an unusual tribute to their mothers.  You won't want to miss this poignant peak at some of thee most influential persons in senior woman's lives.

  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 6
        originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks

      Jeff McKissack
     Defense By Design

     Brandy Frazier, Manager
     Christopher & Banks

Senior men and women are vulnerable to evil persons who wish us ill will.  Jeff stops by to offer a lively, entertaining and informative set of tips and cautionary measures that will help anyone of any age make wiser, safer choices and defend themselves.

You asked for it.  You got it!  The first ever fashion show for Grown Folk women.  Brandy and her team of gorgeous senior models, some size 14, show off part of the Christopher & Banks casual trendy style that has made the women's apparel chain so popular.  The models were lucky to leave with all their clothes on!  The chain offers complimentary personal shoppers, flexible pant sizes, petites and more to help make your apparel shopping unique to you.  See their website for store locations nationwide.

  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 7
        originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks      

      Lorie Burch, Estate and Wills Attorney

     Deidre Hardin, Jewelry Designer, Artist
     Niarah 3D Art

     Ethel McNeal, Jewelry Designer
     ELM Designs

The Grown Folk continuing series "His Stuff Her Stuff" brings Lori to the show to identify some of the pitfalls and perils to avoid when protecting your "estate", whether YOUR estate consists of your car and your home or those two items plus thousands or even millions more in valuables.

​Next, the first ever Grown Folk jewelry fashion show is brought to Grown Folk by Deidre and her mother, Ethel.  Ethel and Deidre create exquisite hand made pieces, often inspired by their life encounters, to adorn the beautiful senior woman and to gift to anyone else she thinks can "carry it off".
  • Grown Folk:  Season1 Episode 8
        originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks      

      Paul Markowitz, Founder and President 
     Senior Living Specialists

     Oliver Cozby
     Grown Folk "Person of the Week"

As part of his extensive services helping seniors solve problems regarding finding comfortable, affordable living space for their parents and other loved ones or themselves, Paul stops by to share tips that will help us get the best deal, reduce anxiety and increase our confidence level when we negotiate price.

​When was the last time you were treated to a story?  Tall tale teller, Toastmaster, public speaker and industrial engineer, Oliver treats the women of Grown Folk and you to a short tall tale.
  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 9
        originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks      

      Clint Montgomery, Executive Director
     Texas Archery Academy

      Eliana Ceballos, Instructor
      Zumba Gold

The Grown Folk co-hosts get physical!  Maintaining upper body strength so you can more easily pick up those grands is an added benefit of this reemerging sport.  Grown Folk welcomes some senior female and male bow and arrow shooters who demonstrate their capabilities and discuss possibilities with the sport. 

​Next, get on your feet with Eliana and the entire Grown Folk cast!  Move your body to the sultry, exciting rhythm of Zumba Gold - the mature woman's version of the hip swaying exercise regime.
  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 10
        originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks     

      Anne and Shyler Peters
     Wheat allergy/celiac disease

     LisaAnne Haram, Education Coordinator

A myriad of symptoms including arthritis, hair loss, chronic fatigue and just plain feeling sad could indicate a wheat allergy or celiac disease.  Anne Peters and her daughter Shyler, long time sufferers of celiac disease, stop by to share their journey of discoveries about the affliction, and to share their answers, insight and a personal solution that may bring relief. 

​And for those of you who've secretly harbored a hankering to get "on the boards" and become stage and film actors, hanker no more!  LisaAnne is here to tell you its never too late - here's a terrific organization that can get you well on your way to following Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones to Broadway!

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