​We seniors have issues too!!!!
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  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 11
        originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks   

​     Robbie Redmon, L.P.C., C.A.R.T.
​​     Coach Abby Inc.

Harboring a grudge? Haven't spoken to your sister in 20 years? Still hurt about your mother or father not attending your wedding years ago? Robbie offers us all a solution in the first installment of the new Grown Folk series, "Unfinished Business" - dealing with emotions that linger in the background of our daily lives.

Next...do you have peculiar habits you picked up from your Depression Era Mom? Are you preserving your husband's ex-wife's "company" china as though it were your "company" china? Still wearing those undies with the waistband that resembles seaweed waving in the surf? The Grown Folk ladies challenge you to deal with these issues like Summer deals with her lace panties... 


  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 12
​        originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks       

    Kay Paggi, LPC, NCGC, CMC
     Aging Care Solutions
​     972-839-0065

    Maureen O'Reilly, Wellness Practitioner

Are you a caregiver that feels challenged with caring for an elderly parent who resists accepting your help? Certified ElderCare Mediator Kay stops by and gets the Grown Folk going with an unusual outlook and some perhaps controversial suggestions that just might help caregivers feel more successful.

Then the Grown Folk relax with organic dark chocolate, a discussion about essentials oils and a stress reliever you can use standing up and in your street clothes!
  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 13
​          originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks        

    Councilman James Zander, Board Member
     Barbara Douglas, Board Secretary
     Dining & Dialogue

​     Stacy Dominguez is Marilyn Monroe
     Jim Heaberg, Board Chairman    
     The Spectacular Senior Follies

Is there tension in your neighborhood? Is it's racial or ethnic make-up changing and some residents aren't feeling as neighborly as they once have? James and Barbara stop by to tell us about one solution that's proven to be very successful in their city - it just might be the meal ticket for your community.

And step into Jack's shoes as Marilyn bedazzles with "Happy Birthday". An icon of glitterati mesmerizes the Grown Folk and shows us why the Senior Follies is spectacular!

  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 14
​          originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks       

    Brooks Quinlan. Director
     Program Services, Hope Cottage
     www.Hope Cottage.com

     Debbie Carroll Boyce, Ms. Senior America 
     Senior America, Inc.
     Mary Hansen, Texas Pageant Coordinator

Grown Folk Host, Summer, sets the tone when she reveals confidential information from her teenage years, in her appeal to you to tidy up your "Unfinished Business". Brooks will lend his very supportive and professional hand to assist you.

Next, American royalty stops by to encourage you, if you're aged better than 60, to pursue your dreams. The reigning Ms. Senior America takes time from her busy jet-setting schedule to grace the Grown Folk stage and quickly share with you all you need to know to start your journey toward pageant queen.

  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 15
​          originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks        

    Becca Niederkrom, Owner

     Pat Weaver
     Grown Folk "Person of the Week"

​Becca is on a serious mission.  She wants every senior who wishes to use a tablet or computer to learn to do so under her tutelage, and feel comfortable, confident, and empowered.  Becca stops by to help seniors unfamiliar with the computer learn to use it to stay in touch with their little grands, bigger family members and friends.

And the Grown Folk celebrate some of the life accomplishments of one hard working woman, who is very involved in her community.  Pat Weaver helps to redefine the face of aging through her exceptional level of volunteerism, giving back to her community.

  • Grown Folk:  Season 1 Episode 16
​          originally aired on Verizon and UAN networks        

    Greg Dodd, Certified Senior Advisor                        SeniorsHelpingSeniors.com/NorthwestDallas                                   

    Lisa Villeda, Owner
    Lisa's Creations and Brides

The Grown Folk SEASON FINALE offers job opportunitites for seniors and a dreamy fashion show for the mature bride-to-be and mothers-of-the-bride.

Greg tells the Grown Folk about services from companionship to light housekeeping available for those we love and take care of plus jobs with flexible scheduling for mature adults.

And Lisa shows us her ideas for made-to-order gowns for mature brides planning informal, destination or traditional weddings, plus dresses for those of us who are perhaps marrying off our last child.

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