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We Set My Date With The "Flat Side"

by Summer Selby-Drew on 09/17/13

I get a kick out of the special language created by women who have had or who are planning plastic surgery.  "PS", "TT", "BR", "lipo", "BL", "BBL", "B and A", the "flat side".  I picked up on this language on one of the many surgery websites out there, RealSelf.com.  My granny takeover plan (i.e. taking back my body, which has gone wild!) is to "get perky" and go to the "flat side".

Over the phone, my PS's assistant and I clear the insurance, I tell her my financial plan, the components of my granny takeover (TT, BR, both with lipo...no BBL for me!) and we set the date for my surgery:  September 27th.  BBL is brazilian butt lift...very popular these days.  Next, is the pre-operation consultation.

Oh.  Oh.  I've seen soooo many B and A (i.e. before and after pictures) on the internet of women of all shapes and sizes, many whose body looked exactly like mine.  I prefer the "look" of women who've elected to have breast implants along with their breast reduction.  But I don't think I want anything foreign in my body.  So we decide upon a target size, a natural look, that will serve to alleviate my neck and back pain but not destroy my life long self-image as a "busty" woman.

Then my PS reviews the football shaped incision he'll make above and below my navel, which I'm well familiar with, having watched
videos of other surgeons performing the procedures on the internet.  We discuss where I'd like him to perform liposuction and what I can expect immediately, and long term, after surgery.

Next his assistant has me sign a stack of papers, gives me written instructions for the day before surgery as well as post-operation instructions, and sends me home.

Over the next weeks, right up until today, I notice the emotional roller coaster.  Some days I'm fine.  The next couple of days I feel anxious and I tell myself I can cancel at any time.  The next few days I feel my decision to have cosmetic surgery is...frivolous.  Vain.  Reckless, even.  Who do I think I am, wanting to look better at age 64?  I answer my Self and calm down.  Then anxiety creeps in again.

Thank goodness I have things to attend to which distract me...an Alaskan cruise with a longtime friend who is celebrating her 68th birthday...managing a festival I've been planning for almost a year...another trip to witness one of my sons Naval retirement ceremony.  And prayer.  Much prayer.  My date with the "flat side" (as in flat tummy) and renewed perkiness approaches.  I haven't canceled yet.  Granny takeover, here I come!

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1. Lourdes said on 9/18/13 - 02:50PM
Stay strong Summer...concentrate on a positive outcome and don't beat yourself up on the "vanity" issue. A little vanity is healthy as long as it doesn't become obsessive, which knowing you is highly unlikely.
2. Sandi said on 9/24/13 - 10:23AM
I know this will be a significant change for you. You are brave to expose your challenges with your body. I am going on my own personal journey for change and I have the same see sawing emotions about my decision. I think we also wrestle with the vanity question. "Is this about vanity or about better health that will result in how we use our bodies post-surgery?" You and I both see people with our same issues and they appear quite happy to remain that way. I think we have always been explorers that moved through life seeking new experiences that give us personal satisfaction. Good luck, and good body to you.

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