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How I Took That First Bite

by Summer Selby-Drew on 11/02/12

I'm doing so many "firsts" in my life. 

I've created new TV show concepts before.  Even managed to produce one of them on cable access.  But I've never gotten this far in my past efforts.  I've never managed to produce 16 thirty minute shows and actually get them broadcast on TV into people's homes before.  I have to say this was no small feat.  Doing 16 TV shows means I had to come up with soooo much material.  See, each show consists of a Hot Topics segment, followed by a "serious/educational/thought-provoking" segment, followed by a "light-hearted/fun" segment, then finally another Hot Topic or Commentary closing segment.  Doing this required that I think of Hot Topics, educational topics, light-hearted topics and so on...times 16!!!  Plus find interesting, talkative, reliable "experts' to show up, not freeze on camera and talk about these topics.

And "life" went on while doing this.  My husband took countless trips both internationally and domestically.  Family members and friends took sick and some passed away.  My grown children had personal crises, surgeries.  My friends had successes that deserved celebration.  I fretted about my health, not exercising and my receding hairline (SO flattering on a woman, yeah!).  Both terrible and wonderful things happened around the world that commanded my attention.  Etc. Etc.  And, I also wanted to find ways to help my co-hosts find some ownership and visceral connection to the show.

But.  I got it done.  With a lot of help from my husband and some close friends.

Then I came face to face to my biggest challenge to date:  how, oh how to get the show the national exposure it deserves...?

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