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OMG! Its Been Almost A Year!!!!!

by Summer Selby-Drew on 09/07/13

I'm shocked it's been a year since I last posted...seems like just 2-3 months.

Geez.  A year of TRYing to do SOMEthing to advance my show each day, most days of the week.  And I'm no closer to my goal - EXCEPT that, according to the Law of Averages (I learned about that when I sold insurance back in the day),  I've pursued a LOT of leads and avenues which translates to lots of "hooks in the fish pond".  Plus I periodically revisit and recontact ppl I've talked with about Grown Folk previously just to "stay in touch", as they asked me to.  So, I believe that all my... ah..."activity" (hope its not "busy work") WILL PAY OFF, right?

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