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How Does One Eat an Elephant.....?

by Summer Selby-Drew on 10/27/12


I am telling you...learning this technology stuff when I was raised to type on a typewriter is really, really hard!

I mean, it literally took me 4 tries in 5 hours over about 3 days just to figure out how to set up this blog!!! 

I'm going to be 64 years old next month.  Why oh why does "keeping up" have to be so hard?  And please don't ask me why I'm even TRYing to keep up because my answer is "Because to not try to keep up is...anathema!  Deadly!  Dangerous!  One gets left behind!  Did I spell "anathema" right?  Oh well.  I'm tired.  Building this blog has worn me out.......

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1. Randy said on 10/28/12 - 06:16AM
I knew you could to this, now lets get some TV sponsored to change there minds. By raising there age demiagraghic to include all of us over 50.
2. Summer said on 10/28/12 - 12:27PM
That's my sweet husband talking. He has absolutely GREAT ideas but I don't know how to implement them often times! They say there's only 6 degrees of separation between oneself and anyone else on the planet. But apparently in my case that 6 needs to be multiplied by 3, because no one I know seems to know ANYbody that can give me a leg up and help get Grown Folk out there where it deserves to be, according to everyone that watches it! Well, I'm going back to work. I have a marketing representative job I'm looking to fill - someone who is capable of starting and building an advertising sales department for Grown Folk. And I have an internship job to fill. So its back to addressing these missions for me. More later.....
3. Linda Franklin said on 10/28/13 - 03:40PM
You just bite the bullet and eat the elephant! Summer you are a fascinating woman. The show you created "GrownFolk" is paramount to the aging community all over the world! Someone with money will call to get us on the air again! They need to hurry!

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