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Back From Alaskan Cruise and Tackling Biggest Bucket List Item Ever!

by Summer Selby-Drew on 09/07/13

Ahhhh that Bucket List.

I'll celebrate my 65th birthday in November.  I'm retired, I guess, so having, and satisfying, that Bucket List is what keeps me from sleeping 'til 10am every day - it kicks me out of bed.  I say I "guess" I'm retired because I no longer report to a job outside my home every morning.  But I do get up, have cereal then head to my office in my home to work:  Quickbooks accounting and
general secretarial tasks for my very busy, very brainy and unorganized (sorry, dear) hubby's consulting business; ocassional internet research assistance for my grown children; volunteer work for my neighborhood homeowners' association, as well as for an arts organization; and, of course, my beloved Grown Folk TV talk show.

Grown Folk is a really huge undertaking for me.  I've worked on it for 3 years now and have invested a lot in it.  However it isn't the only item on my Bucket List.  Travel, both international and domestic, to as many destinations as I can, is another big Bucket List item for me.  I've ventured off this continent all my adult life, and even more often since meeting my husband in 2007.

But THEE biggest item on my Bucket List is very very personal. 

If you know me you'd inevitably, at some point, be invited to my home.  If you were to come visit me, I'd show you around our home and share with you the story behind how we found each of the neat pieces of art, cultural items, and interesting touchable things when we travel, then use to decorate our home.  One of my brothers said of our home "Everywhere you look there's eye candy!"  You and I would eventually explore the master suite with its spacious bathroom we recently redecorated, incorporating bamboo we harvested from our backyard and beautifully carved South American wood statuettes of women with long dreadlocks.  Then we'd arrive at my walk - in closet, and you'd probably comment that its an oddly shaped, but big closet.  Nice enough.  Full of clothes.  Clothes you've never seen me wear, you'd say!  Why haven't you seen those clothes on me?  Because my body has gotten away from me.  I've been pregnant 5 times in my life and have given birth to 4 sons, all grown men now, but as a result, my body is truly out of control.

am I paying $60 for one that is constructed, that can stand vertically on its own?  When did my tummy start to melt down the front of me???  How did I get these deep grooves in my shoulders?  Why have I lost the ability to hold a pen and write with my right hand though both a hand specialist and a neurologist can find nothing wrong with it?  Could those deep shoulder grooves implicate a pinched nerve that extends down my right arm to my hand? body has gotten away from me.  I've lost control of it, and I plan to take the reins back! 

You've heard young mothers talk of getting their pre-pregnancy figures back by visiting a plastic surgeon?  The cosmetic industry has a very popular set of procedures called a "Mommy Makeover".  Well.  Look out!  Because today's "granny" is concerned about her figure too.  Granny has a Bucket List.  Granny has beaches to comb, mountains to hike in spandex shorts, meetings to lead, and cruise ship swimming pool decks to walk across in front of hundreds of fellow cruisers.  Nowadays "Granny" isn't synonymous with "invisible".  And Granny CAN take charge of her figure again. 

No more bras contructed like padded armor.  No more leggings topped with artistic and clever big shirts.  And no more deleting pics my hubby takes of me unless I'm fully facing his camera.  I'm going to take charge of my figure again and wear the other 80% of my closet.  I, and a very artistic board certified plastic surgeon, am going to conduct the first ever "Granny Takeover"!  Hear me roar!

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1. Sandi Smith said on 9/8/13 - 02:49PM
Ok. Timetomake a change. I am proud that you are sharing your journey!
2. Susan Borofsky said on 9/10/13 - 12:11PM
I have 4 closets that are jammed with my old clothing....every time a son moved out, I gained a closet. I try to go through and do give things to Goodwill, or sell to the Clothes Mentor or throw out....but I still think that somethings will come back in style or I'll be able to fit in it again. I have a lot with the price tags still on!!!! My husband is forever after me to stop shopping...last week I wanted a new top so I wore it home from the shop and stashed my old one in the car....he never knew!!!!
3. Summer said on 9/11/13 - 09:23PM
Sandi, thanks for your words of encouragement! Indeed, it's time to make a change. I'm just fine as I am, BUT...what if I make some changes and see how they affect my life, huh?
4. Summer said on 9/11/13 - 09:33PM
Thanks for sharing, Susan. I feel exactly the same way! In fact, there have been many items I've owned that HAVE come back in style. Some ppl say Yeah, but, if it does come back in style, it will change somehow so your old version won't fit in. But I don't find that to be true at all. When things come back in style, there's so many versions of it, my item fits right in! I'm beginning to have a few items with the tags still on them hanging in my closet...just a few. Oh, by the way, don't forget to retrieve that old top from your car! Lol

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