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...and Research Some More Until I Find...THE ONE

by Summer Selby-Drew on 09/17/13

When looking for The One - the plastic surgeon you're going to trust (because you're entrusting your life to this person) and depend on (to help you reshape your body and to follow you for up to a year as your transformation evolves) - FIRST, I discovered through trial and error, I had to "qualify" him or her. 

I picked surgeons from the list of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons on my health insurance website (which isn't always perfectly up to date).  I spoke with the finance person in their office first - to see whether they accepted Care Credit and if so, could I finance for 24, 36 or 48 months?  Then I asked the surgeon's insurance clerk whether they would bill my insurance for the initial consultation which was supposed to be "free"...I learned the common practice is its only "free" to me. Finally, I searched the internet for lawsuits in which the surgeon was involved and read the outcome.  If all went well up to that point, I made an appointment for a consultation.  So were free to me, some I paid for.

OMGosh.  PS#1 (the first plastic surgeon I consulted) was witty, charismatic, a little cocky, and per what I read about him on the internet, VERY thorough, very supportive and had that right mix of surgeon and artist I was looking for (most surgeons have "before and after" pictures posted on their website).  About that time, I attended a party, ran into a surgical nurse and I asked her about plastic surgeons in town, PS#1 included.  She confirmed everything I'd heard and read about him.  However, he was SO thorough he took 8 hours to perform a TT (tummy tuck) and applied THREE layers of stitches to bring the stomach muscles together.  Other surgeons took 3-4 hours.  Hmmm.

PS#2 was old school.  He came from a long line of physicians and his sons were physicians as well.  He struck me as distant, regimented, a bit chauvinistic...ex. he reprimanded his female assistant who was in the examination room with us because she attempted to answer my question for him.  He only warmed up when I let him know I had read his resume and asked him questions about his background.  Hmmmm.

PS#3 was professional yet really easy to relate to - everyone I encountered in his office was as well.  He came from a family of physicians and his primary focus was the kind of work I wanted done. 

PS#4 was really polished, professional, smooth, thorough and wanted me to begin a natural herb regimen with an herbalist and lose 10 lbs before we go into surgery.  I wondered whether he got a kickback from the herbalist...  Then I learned he actually was not a preferred provider with my insurance.  Hmmm.

The above part of my search took about 2 and one half months.  I would have loved it if friends or relatives could refer me to surgeons but so few of my friends had used a plastic surgeon and no relatives live locally.   So...I chose PS#3 as The One.

Next, we plan the surgery.

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