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...and Research...

by Summer Selby-Drew on 09/11/13

So...as I was sharing with you.  I researched for months.  I knew about these procedures.  I heard about the "stars" doing this and that.  But I didn't really relate any of what I saw on The View, Hoda and Kathie Lee, Oprah, the evening news, Entertainment Tonight, what I read about in People or listened to in the beauty shop, to ME.  Then...a family member elected to have eye surgery to correct drooping eye lids and poochiness under the eye.  So THAT's plastic surgery!  Humph.  I had had some cysts removed from the sides of my eyes 10 years ago, but THAT, I thought at the time, was "just having bumps removed".  Yes...by A plastic surgeon, I know but...well...things go over my head sometimes.  I'm a double Sagittarian.

Anyway, then a neighbor called my name in WalMart.  I turned around and didn't recognize anyone I saw.  She said "How are you?"  And I focused on one face.  Slowly I realized who she was.  She had definitely had some "work done".  But she talked with me as though absolutely nothing were different except she looked... thinner.  That reminded me that some people like to keep things on the DL.  There could be LOTS of ppl walking around who have had PS.  Now I'm checking out saleswomen in shops, the woman on the plane who walked by me and I couldn' thelp but notice her legs looked really weird in her leggings...like they were large sausages.  Could she have lost a massive amount of weight and had skin tightening surgery?  Stop it, Summer!

I stumbled upon a website that blew my mind.  RealSelf.com  On it I encountered scores of women who had had all sorts of "work done".  Women of all ages, races and sizes.  I learned that there is even a steady stream of women who fly to Mexico and the Dominican Republic to have body makeovers by specific doctors there - there certainly is a focused following for certain doctors.  I saw before and after pictures of petite women with huge boobs who wanted to downsize, women built like refrigerators who were turned into stripper body-types, women who's implants were old or starting to leak and needed replacing, women who were more middle-of-the-road (like me) - just all sorts of scenarios.  But the women who impressed me the most were women who had worked hard to prepare for their weight loss surgery with workouts and diets, and who were now ready for body makeovers and tightening of skin on the arms, tummy, legs, backs and butts.  Many of these women had just heart breaking stories.

And these surgeries were only costing them $6500 in the Caribbean.  Here in Dallas one could easily have to pay 3 to 4 times that amount and for fewer procedures.

I decided I'd focus on a TT (tummy tuck) and a BR (breast reduction) with lipo (liposuction) around both areas.  Here in Dallas.  With an American  board certified plastic surgeon.  Whew!  FI-nally a decision.  Enough of looking at 100s of before and after pictures!  But wait...I saw a pattern in those B and A pics.  A pattern emerged that indicated my research wasn't over.  A doctor's TT and BR work revealed elements I hadn't considered.  There are elements of artistry and of competency that are important to look for in the physician's B and A pics on his/her website.  And I definitely had a preference.  A PS (plastic surgery) candidate must consider a myriad of important items prior to submitting oneself to sx (surgery).  Some of them are:

RE a TT - final appearance and position of the belly botton and whether hooded or not; final appearance of the vertical stomach muscles in relation to the navel ridge (should look like a wavy letter M as one looks down to their tummy; what and how many stitches and layers of stitches Dr applies to gather the tummy muscles back together; the height of the incision left to right from hip bone to hip bone, and between the mons and the navel.

RE a BR - whether to use a keyhole or lollipop incision around the nipple, or another method; how to position the "headlights" (straight forward, opposite direction, pointing up, pointing straight).  Arrrgghhh!  Sooo many things to consider brought up by doctors during the consultation. 

And then there's the business and insurance end of PS.  Oh!  That's another story!

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1. Lourdes said on 9/15/13 - 09:40AM
The story running into your friend with the "new" face made me smile and reminded me of the actors we sometimes see being interviewed and attribute big changes to make-up and a new hairdo. :) I think its great that you are sharing this process from research to the final outcome and if you decide to have the surgery it would be very interesting if you could do a video blog and share the changes on camera.

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