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6 Degrees of Separation

by Summer Selby-Drew on 11/03/12

You've heard that, right?  That there are only 6 degrees of separation between ourselves and someone we don't know.  Well, I think that number needs to be multiplied by 3 in my life.  Chile, please!

Someone says to me every week:  "Grown Folk is so good!  You should take it to Oprah."  I think that's a GREAT idea!  Oprah's audience has grown up right along with her for 25 years.  Now many of her devotees are in their 50s, and Oprah has ceased giving them their daily dose.  They're part of that 78 million baby boomer group, looking at age 60...perfect audience for my show!  I should reach out to Oprah, I said to myself.  So I set about networking to get to her - calling her studio gets you shut down really quick.  So I combed through my email contacts, perused my LinkedIn contacts, had close friends check their LinkedIn contacts, made multiple postings on Twitter, shared my wishes on Facebook and placed calls to the VP of Programming at Discovery Channel (of which OWN is a network family member) until I finally got to speak with him.  So far...no Oprah connection.

I'm on a first name basis with master actor Giancarlo Esposito, having worked with him on not one, but 2 films.  Giancarlo has a production company as well.  I guess I'm just not fixing my mouth right when I pitch Grown Folk, the new TV talk show for senior women, because Giancarlo stopped responding after my 2nd contact.

Like I said...its more like 18 degrees of separation in my life - nooooo-body I know seems to have even a DIS-tant hook-up with ANY-body!  We're just regular people.

But...there are leads galore, still.  I will try to get to Barbara Walters, Betty White, Magic Johnson (has a new TV network), TV One, Jay Leno (maybe he'll make fun of Grown Folk - any press is good press), Tara Banks, hey, my list is endless.  SOME-body out there knows SOME-body who will see the value in the Grown Folk concept.

Besides worrying about my lack of exercise, taking care of my husband and our home, staying out of my grown son's lives and fulfilling my volunteering obligations, what else do I have to do, right?

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1. Susan Borofsky said on 11/3/12 - 04:10PM
I think I had mentioned Gayle King to you before...if anyone can get to Oprah, she can. You can try emailing her at CBS. Good luck and I hope you find a connection.
2. Summer said on 11/15/12 - 09:20PM
Hey there Susan, thank you for leaving a suggestion. The thing is, though, that every star's production company website and every network website (that I've seen so far) states that if one submits an idea without being asked to, that production company or that network OWNS the idea! They refer to it as "unsolicited submissions". That scares me. But THEN I think, well how do new producers get their ideas in front of people that can give them a "leg up"? Especially when there seems to be no entertainment lawyer in DFW that also represents creative projects and presents them to stars, networks and production companies. New people get new show on the air all the time - I want to know how they do it. Should I take the risk of presenting to Gayle or Betty White, or Judge Judy or Tyra or whomever anyway........?????
3. Susan Borofsky said on 11/16/12 - 05:09PM
Hi Summer, I love Betty White and have watched her since her "Elizabeth" show in the 1950's. My mother looked a lot like her and I see and think of my mother whenever I see Betty. My mother was 66 when she passed away and I always wonder what she would look like at 84 (younger than Betty!!). Maybe you can get to Betty's publisher from her latest book. I wrote to Erma Bombeck after seeing her on Phil Donahue. It was the day before my breast cancer lumpectomy and I didn't realize that she was a survivor also. I wrote to thank her for the laugher.....I did write a long letter. She wrote back and thank me for my sense of humor and saying that we were both going to beat it. Sadly Erma had other health issues. I have proudly displayed my postcard from her on my refridgerator since 1993. Her address was on the back of her book, I think it only mentioned the town, but she got my letter. I know you will find a way, because of your determination and I wish you only the best as you succeed.
4. Susan Borofsky said on 11/16/12 - 05:15PM
Maybe you could contact Betty White's publisher from her latest book. I had contacted Erma Bombeck after seeing her on Phil Donahue. It was the day before my lumpectomy and I didn't know that she was a breast cancer survivor. I wrote her a long letter thanking her for the laughter. She replied back and thanked me for my sense of humor and said that we both would beat cancer, sadly Erma had other health issues. I just had the town that she lived in from the back of her book, but she got my letter. I know you will find a way because of your determination and I wish you only the best as you succeed.

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