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GROWN FOLK is the new TV talk show about senior women and those we love and take care of.

If you're age 55 or better - or know someone who is - GROWN FOLK is where you will find ENTERTAINMENT and INFORMATION specifically for and about seniors, boomers, zoomers...all us GROWN FOLK!!!

  • fashion 
  • beauty
  • travel 
  • finances
  • sex and intimacy
  • volunteerism
  • health
  • dating
  • our grown children
  • our parents
  • long term care
  • retirement
  • employment
  • veteran's benefits
  • loss of a partner
  • newlyweds
  • senior communities
  • raising grandchildren
  • and much more!
Meet the women of GROWN FOLK!!!

  • Karen Head (birth year 1943)  I'm the mother of 3 and I have 5 grandchildren.  I love to help people and have worked for some time with Habitat For Humanity.  I'm concerned about the state our country is in and what my grandchildren have to look forward to.  I vote in every election.  I love to perform in plays and sing with my chorus group, and I enjoy my friends and family.
  • Linda Franklin (birth year 1949)  I have 3 adult children spread around the country and I miss having all my family together!  My first interest is to be the best I can for my family.  I love to dance, I love meeting people and I love to travel.  I'm a real estate agent and an actress - my heart's desire since I was a little girl is to be in front of the camera acting.  This is my golden opportunity!
  • Lourdes Bryant (birth year 1951)  I consider myself young at heart and spirit. I came from Carolina, Puerto Rico, am fluent in Spanish, and though I lean toward the left, I'm open minded and like people that have strong views.  I'm very interested in seniors who have reinvented themselves through a hobby or a new business or just by a change in philosophy.  I hope to inspire all viewers to think out of the box.
  • Michele Levy (birth year 1957)  I'm the mother of 3 grown children, recently divorced after 31 years of marriage.  Brought up in NYC, I've worked in the medical, financial and pharmaceutical fields and as a diamond seller.  But in my 40s I found my passion!  Film making.  I'm a social worker and a wanna be Mother Theresa - I'm very interested in helping the underdog and have a burning passion to be heard.
  • Summer Selby-Drew (birth year 1948)  Not a grandmom yet, but hope for grands from my 3 surviving sons!  Since1987, I'm an actress and voice-over talent with many national credits (see my website at www.summerselby.com) after a 15 year career in financial services.  I'm recently wonderfully remarried and am pleased to develop and produce GROWN FOLK - my favorite of my several dream TV programming projects.  Balance out your TV viewing - watch us grown up women work it!

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